Barbara’s television documentary credits include the PBS series Frontline, The American Experience and NOVA, as well as the History and Discovery Channels.

PBS / Frontline: The Other Drug War

Why do prescription drugs cost so much? We unraveled this question through the stories of unlikely “drug runners” – senior citizens and union workers seeking cheaper medicine in Canada.

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PBS / The American Experience / George Eastman: The Wizard of Kodak

The Kodak camera revolutionized photography, and, unexpectedly, offered a new tool to Peeping Toms. All the snapshots in the opening shot are originals — it was surprisingly hard to find a couple photos that weren’t properly centered.

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The History Channel / The Patent Files / Astroturf

What happens when you try to grow grass in the Astrodome? A comedy of errors that results in a breakthrough technology. Some of the best footage came from an old wooden cabinet at the Houston Public Library.

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Independent: Big Man Run

By Barbara Moran

A clip from my one and only independent documentary, which tells the story of a unique road race in Somerville, MA. Yes, this is a true story. When I screened the film for a local film class, they thought I had made it up.

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PBS / NOVA / Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial

By Barbara Moran | Published: January 1, 2013

This Peabody-award-winning NOVA examines the controversy that erupted in the small town of Dover, Pennsylvania over the teaching of evolution. It took months of work and many trips to Dover to secure interviews with the key players on both sides of the debate.

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